1. Information & Communication Technology

Course Type Full Time
Prerequisite NVQ Level 4 Certificate in ICT or SLGTI Bridging Programme in Information & Communication Technology
Medium English Language
Course Duration 1 year, plus 6 months On-the-Job-Training (SIT)
Course Certificate National Vocational Qualification Certificate ­– NVQ Level 5 (National Diploma)
Course Objective (Purpose Of this Qualification) To gain theoretical knowledge, skills and competencies in Information & Communication Technology, e.g. to operate and maintain IT-Infrastructures, to code and to test software programs (Software program development), to program in C#, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and PHP to perform database maintenance and trouble-shooting, and to gain deeper knowledge in computer networking.

Module Structure

Semester 1

K72C001M01 Database Systems 1
K72C001M03 Graphic Design
K72C001M04 Software Programming
K72C001M06 System Analysis and Design
EMPM01 Manage workplace Information
EMPM02 Manage workplace communication


Semester 2

K72C001M02 Database Systems 2
K72C001M05 Software Testing
K72C001M07 Web Programming
K72C001M08 Local Area Networks (LAN)
EMPM03 Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace