The Sri Lanka-German Training Institute (SLGTI) is providing industry focused education in technical vocational training. Our study programmes are based on German training standards in conformity with the NVQ framework Level 4, 5 & 6, and allow students to develop their knowledge and skills in their respective field of study. At SLGTI, we have seven different academic departments with over 60 lecturers, instructors, and lab assistants. Practice orientation is our trademark: Theory from lectures is put into practice in the laboratories, workshops and study projects. Close cooperation with the industry where students have to complete their internship (On-the-Job-Training) ensures a direct link to the world of work. Our lecturers and instructors are mentors, experts, and teachers, who ensure that the training delivery is matching highest standards.

Automotive Technology Department (AUT)

This department offers in Level 4 two specialisations, covering the fields of Automobile Mechanics and Motorcycle/Three Wheeler Mechanic as well as Automotive Technology on Level 5 and 6. Lecturers and instructors are providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills on latest technical standard. The state-of-the-art training will enable the students to gather the knowledge, skills and attitude in order to pursue a career in rapidly grown field of automotive technology.

Mr. Sanjeevan Subramaniam
Head of Department

Construction Technology Department (COT)

This department offers in Level 4 one specialisation for Construction Site Supervisor and Level 5 and 6 in Construction Technology. Lecturers and instructors in Construction Technology department engage the trainees in the supervision of construction work in the field of civil Engineering. Making them competent enough to conduct field investigations, surveys & tests required for feasibility studies and smooth operation for construction work and supervising construction activities for buildings, roads, bridges, etc. are essential aspects of the training.

Mr. Jeyananthan Sithamparanathan
Head of Department

Electrical & Electronic Technology Department (EET)

This department offers two programmes, covering the fields of Electric/Electronics on Level 4, and Mechatronics, incl. Renewable Energy and Energy Management on Level 5 and 6. Lecturers and instructors in Electronics plan, develop and maintain advanced laboratory experiments in order to overview different types of embedded systems such as microcontrollers. This includes computer programming, process control and automation as well as programmable logic control (PLC). Mechatronics has an interdisciplinary approach – this programme is jointly taught with the lecturers of the Mechanical Technology Department and Information & Communication Technology Department.

Ms. Sandani Karunarathne
Head of Department

Information & Communication Technology Department (ICT)

This department offers one specialisation, covering all areas of Network & System Administration, Application Development, and Telecommunication Technology for Level 4, 5 and 6. Lecturers and instructors in Information and Communication Technology are teaching fundamental aspects of computer hardware and architecture, operating systems, architectures of networks, network configuration, network devices, and ICT maintenance (software support, hardware maintenance, networks, and maintenance). Also they are providing knowledge in programming, algorithms and data structures, databases, information management, embedded systems, web technology, telecommunication, and multimedia technology.

Mr. Achchuthan Yogarajah
Head of Department

Mechanical Technology Department (MET)

This department offers a 2 year’s Level 4 training programme in conventional and CNC machining as well as an advanced training programme in production technology for Level 5 and 6. Lecturers and instructors of this department are teaching the different aspects of machining technologies, e.g. performing lathe, drilling, and grinding operations in conventional and CNC ways. In Production Technology the lecturers will dive deep in the core areas of mechanical engineering, material science, automated manufacturing, and process technology (CAD/CNC/CAM), incl. programming exercises.

Mr. Selvaraja Suthakaran
Head of Department

Food Technology Department (FDT)

This department offers two programmes, covering the fields of Baker (Level 4) and Food Technology (Level 5 and 6). Lecturers and instructors in Bakery are teaching fundamental aspects of bakery products like the production of bread & buns, pastries, and cakes – as well as the routine functions of a bakery.
In Food Technology they will share insights about the handling of raw materials and ingredients, and about monitoring and controlling food process parameters. Other aspects are: Ensuring cleanliness and sanitation of food processing plant and machinery, implementing and maintaining the established food quality and food safety management system, and establishing packaging needs for manual packaging operations.

Ms. Vidarshanie Ellepola
Head of Department

English Language Department

This department is represented by professional educators with high level qualifications in teaching the English language. The lecturers have pedagogy experience with students and are familiar in technical English, and in conversational English, incl. grammar. In teaching, English is the linguistic tool at SLGTI, and English is the language of instruction, administration, and communication across the campus. SLGTI has a strong focus on communicative proficiency, which will create new opportunities for employment. It is the aim of SLGTI that students will improve their ability to read, write, listen, and speak, to study and work effectively in English – the international language of the world. The English lecturers focus on the demand-oriented curriculum which is taught in a communicative, engaging and student centred approach.

Dayanthi Suvenderan
English Coordinator